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Customizable Closet Organization System in Classic White
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Make the most of your ten-foot closet with five two-foot towers. Including six hanging rods, this system boasts space for all your hanging items without losing drawer and shelf space for other essentials.

What the System Includes:

  • 18 Shelves (24″)
  • 3 Deep Drawers (9″)
  • 6 Rods (24″)

  • Driven by in-depth consumer research, every detail of our system was built to reflect the needs of real homeowners.
  • Move anything anywhere at any time for the ultimate in customizability in your closet.
  • To build this system, all you need is one person and one afternoon. It’s that easy.
  • Crafted from high-strength aluminum, the closet tower framework promotes safety and boosts durability.
  • Enjoy a built-in custom closet look with timeless design and a classic white finish.

  • This closet organization system is 114″ wide x 16-3/4″ deep x 84″ tall.
  • Each 2′ tower section supports up to 400lbs when properly installed.
  • Brackets are located every 4.5″ to offer the maximum customizability and optimize closet space.
  • The CBL anti-tip brackets move along the stabilizer bar for flexibility of tower placement based on stud location.
  • The 1” projection of the system from the wall allows for floor molding along the back wall of your closet.
  • The system is supported by the floor of your home and features built-in ASTM compliant anti-tip brackets that anchor the system to the wall to prevent tipping.
  • Drawers and shelves are made from outstandingly strong engineered wood product with a classic white finish.

  • The system comes with a one year warranty.
  • To return this system, please contact the Customer Care team.
  • Customer Care is here to support you. Contact us at 1-866-264-1964 (Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm EST) or email us at

Reviews From Our Homeowners

A True 1 Person Job
We had a horrendous closet before! Just a complete unorganized mess. We decided to use the 10ft system on one side and the 8ft system on the other side of our Master closet. I can’t believe the instant transformation! Assembly was easy and a true 1 person job. Often times companies say one person can do it but you end up needing two to lift it. This system was a real 1 person job. There are many options where you want to place your drawers and shelves which is a great option when you have boots, luggage, and other tall items. All the shelving pieces were easy to place and move. Very sturdy closet system and highly recommended! My family is already asking for a system for their closet!
Stephanie W.
Only 2-3 Hours To Complete
I previously used wire rack closet organizers, and this system is not only more appealing to the eye, but it is more durable and allows for more storage and flexibility. The draws and shelves added more storage that we needed for shoes, socks, and other clothing items. It took 2-3 hours to fully complete, but the video tutorial was a big help. I watched the tutorial, opened the boxes, and organized my pieces before starting the assembly process. Overall, I am very please with the product, and plan to get more for my children’s closets.

I was given this product for free but reviewed genuinely based on its use.
This System Has It All!
The closet system arrives in multiple labeled boxes and as you open each box and layout the pieces, it may seem like it will take days to put together but it will only take one afternoon, no matter what size you purchase. The instructions are pretty straight forward and all the pieces fit together well. The only very minimal issue that I found was that you need a little more muscle force when clicking the shelves and the drawers into place.

With my wife and I needing extra closet space and knowing this system would have to be out in our bedroom, we needed something that had style and a nice design for the eyes.

I received the 10ft system and I knew this would work perfectly for what we needed. We didn’t have a space quite large enough for the 10ft but I knew that with the versatility of this closet, my plan would work. My wife is handicapped and needs to have enough space on her side of the bed to get her wheelchair through but also needs access to her favorite clothes. With the infinite options of this closet system, I broke the 10ft into a 6ft and a single 2ft for my wife, which works perfectly!

In the future when we aren’t renting and we have space for the full 10ft, I can always put it all back together. This is what I love about this system, there are so many ways to use it. Plus, the shelves and drawers are easy to move around to change it for all your closet needs. This system has it all: style, versatility, and easy installation!

I was given this product for free but reviewed genuinely based on its use.
This System Is A Game-Changer
This closet system is such a game-changer in creating a beautiful closet!! This system was shipped straight to my door and it is easy to install! Once you get the towers built and installed, you add drawers, hanging bars and shelves to fit your design and storage needs! I highly recommend this closet system!
Patty W.
Put Together In A Few Hours
I am completely in love with this closet system, it allowed me to move all of my clothes into one closet. My husband put the system together in a few hours and told me it was extremely easy, he even had our 5-year old helping him. This is what a master closet should look like, it is quality pieces and well thought out design. My daughter is wanting a system to put in her closet now. This is the system you want that will add value to your home. *I was given this product for free, but reviewed it genuinely based on its use.*
Shiloh M.

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