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The 6-Foot Traditional

Customizable Closet Organization System in Classic White
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This system is composed of 3 two-foot towers and is designed to fit perfectly in your six-foot closet. The mix of moveable shelves, deep drawers, and rods offer endless storage possibilities.

What the System Includes:

  • 11 Shelves (24″)
  • 3 Deep Drawers (9″)
  • 3 Rods (24″)

  • Driven by in-depth consumer research, every detail of our system was built to reflect the needs of real homeowners.
  • Move anything anywhere at any time for the ultimate in customizability in your closet.
  • To build this system, all you need is one person and one afternoon. It’s that easy.
  • Crafted from high-strength aluminum, the closet tower framework promotes safety and boosts durability.
  • Enjoy a built-in custom closet look with timeless design and a classic white finish.

  • This closet organization system is 69″ wide x 16-3/4″ deep x 84″ tall.
  • Each 2′ tower section supports up to 400lbs when properly installed.
  • Brackets are located every 4.5″ to offer the maximum customizability and optimize closet space.
  • The CBL anti-tip brackets move along the stabilizer bar for flexibility of tower placement based on stud location.
  • The 1” projection of the system from the wall allows for floor molding along the back wall of your closet.
  • The system is supported by the floor of your home and features built-in ASTM compliant anti-tip brackets that anchor the system to the wall to prevent tipping.

  • Please do not return this system to the store.
  • For Customer Care contact us at 1-866-264-1964 (Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm EST) or email us at

Reviews From Our Homeowners

Perfect Kids Closet System
I cannot believe how quick and easy this was to install. I installed this entire system in an afternoon and I’m so proud that I did it all by myself without any help from my husband or anyone else. My son loves all of the organization this has provided in his closet, and I love that I can rearrange shelves, drawers, and rods. So if we decide a different configuration would be best, we can rearrange it at any time. I have been really impressed with this system and would definitely use it again in my home. I was provided this product for free but reviewed it genuinely on its use.
Impressed With Customer Service
So glad we did this!! Initially, it felt like a daunting task to reorganize our closet, but we have no regrets. The Closets by Liberty organizer system allowed my husband and I to customize our sides of the closet. My husband customized his unit to fit his needs and I set mine up to insure everything that was previously piled up had their own space. It looks so great and legitimately transformed our closet. When it comes to the construction of the unit, some important points: -Do an inventory as soon as the pieces arrive and be sure that you have received each item. This includes the large pieces (shelves, frames, racks) and the small pieces (screws, clasps, brackets). We were missing a few items, which we didn’t realize were missing until we had dismantled our closet, which put the overall construction on-hold. However, I was incredibly impressed with the customer service response when we reached out. They were WONDERFUL. We received those pieces as soon as was humanly possible. -The overall construction was straight-forward and easy. You need the instructions for the various orientation of the pieces. It can easily be completed in a weekend if you set time aside without distractions. I was given this product for free, but reviewed genuinely based on its use.
Love The High-End Designer Details
Closets by Liberty will get your closet neat and organized with this incredible DIY system. I installed two of the six-foot units in our master bathroom closet. It was very important that my tall husband’s shirts would fit vertically and they did, we just eliminated the bottom shelf. I thought that shelf was required for structural stability, but customer support confirmed it isn’t. From the center of the top rod to the midshelf is approximately 36″ and from the center of the midshelf rod to floor is approximately 38″. Shoe storage was also a priority and we maximized one section with all shelves, totaling twenty linear feet! (20 feet includes using the top shelf and floor space.) I am a 5’3″ woman and I have to say some of the boxes were difficult to carry because they are large and very heavy. I also needed a step ladder to attach the upper components. A drill was helpful to have because my hand quickly became sore from turning all the screws. I love the high-end designer details like the decorative molding, raised panel drawer fronts, and soft-close glides. In the end, I am thrilled with the final results! Closets by Liberty really maximized our space and looks great. *I was given this product for free, but reviewed it genuinely based on its use.*
I Finally Got Organized!
The 6-foot Closets By Liberty System has changed my closet life and finally allowed me to get organized! I have always struggled with organizing my clothes but the Closets By Liberty System design is fool-proof and it keeps me organized. The install instructions were accurate. The delivery of the system came in several boxes but they were all clearly labeled and easy to open. The quality of the packaging was excellent and I was able to remove my old closet hardware and install the new Closets By Liberty System in one afternoon. The variety of shelving and drawer options has allowed me to organize my clothes in the way I’ve always wanted. *I was provided this product for free but I have reviewed the product based on my own installation and use.*
Exceeded My Expectations
I have the 6-foot Closets By Liberty System and my clothes have never been more organized. My previous organization used one bar and one shelf and improving my clothes organization was always an after-thought (I would just shut the door!). The thought of altering my closet and planning how I would organize my clothes intimidated me and prevented me from improving my closet storage. The Closets By Liberty system removed all of the intimidation and walked me through the installation and the organization. It is amazing how much space I wasted previously. I now feel like I use most all of the space within my closet. The installation instructions were easy to follow and the ease of manipulating the shelving, drawers, and hanging bars make it a breeze to adjust the layout. The Closets By Liberty System has exceeded my expectations. *I was provided this product for free but reviewed it genuinely based on my own installation and use.*