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It Transformed Our Master Closet
This 10-foot Closets By Liberty system transformed our master closet! We have a fairly large closet - and it had built-in shelving when we moved in 4 years ago. We've made do, but always felt that the use of space was very sub-par. Honestly, the thought of trying to update/upgrade things was daunting. Que the amazing Closets By Liberty system! After measuring our space, we decided on one 6-foot system, one 8-foot system, and this 10-foot system. Talk about easy to install! We loved how intuitive the instructions were and the assembly was. It really IS a quick, easy install process. And the best part?!? It's a cinch to rearrange the shelves, the hanging bars, even the drawers!!! You get a top-of-the-line, quality closet organization system AND it's completely customizable. What other built-in closet system can do that? We're in LOVE. Now, we were given this product for free, but reviewed genuinely based on its use. We're already considering purchasing additional Closets By Liberty systems for our kiddo's closets!
Worth The Upgrade
We just installed this into our master closet and it's truly a major upgrade to utilize the minimal space and keep things better organized.

Generally, the install was super easy, the hardest part was getting out the old rod and shelving that was previously in the closet. We ended up hiring someone to come patch the drywall in a couple of places and repaint the closet for a clean slate, but it was worth for this upgrade for sure.

All of the pieces were fairly easy to put together and it was really simple once the frame was up to play around with the modular pieces until we had a configuration that worked for us. After securing it to the wall at the top it feels super sturdy. Some of the shelves took a bit of jimmy-ing to snap into place but everything fit together with no issues!

Unfortunately, we were just a couple inches shy of being able to fit the 8-foot system but the 6-foot still looks really good and maximizes the space in a big way. We do plan on somehow adding a small rod for long dresses on the far left as well, but that will be its own project! We also plan on getting some cute baskets for longer-term hidden storage along the top. *I was given this product for free, but reviewed genuinely based on its use.*
Perfect For Kids Rooms
Overall, I am very satisfied with this system. The construction is solid and the materials are of good quality. Assembly was easy and can be completed with only one person. I like the fact that even after assembly and the system has been secured to the wall, I can easily rearrange the drawers, shelves, and rods to my liking. The soft-close drawers add a very nice touch as they are smooth closing and quiet. My husband and I are looking into purchasing this system for our children's rooms based off the organization that this system offers, as well as the lower rods that children can easily reach on their own. *I was given this product for free, but reviewed genuinely based on its use.*
Shelly E.
Easy Install, Anyone Can Assemble!
The product was easy to install and the material was high quality. It made a very difficult, non-functioning closet organized and looking great. The instructions were easy to follow, and anyone can assemble the product. I would recommend this Closet storage system to everyone. I will look at using this system for the other closets in my house. *I was provided this product for free, but reviewed it genuinely on its use.*
Greg B.

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