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Exceeded My Expectations
I have the 6-foot Closets By Liberty System and my clothes have never been more organized. My previous organization used one bar and one shelf and improving my clothes organization was always an after-thought (I would just shut the door!). The thought of altering my closet and planning how I would organize my clothes intimidated me and prevented me from improving my closet storage. The Closets By Liberty system removed all of the intimidation and walked me through the installation and the organization. It is amazing how much space I wasted previously. I now feel like I use most all of the space within my closet. The installation instructions were easy to follow and the ease of manipulating the shelving, drawers, and hanging bars make it a breeze to adjust the layout. The Closets By Liberty System has exceeded my expectations. *I was provided this product for free but reviewed it genuinely based on my own installation and use.*
Well-Made & Sleek
We just moved to a new house and have spent a lot of time turn it into our dream home. This customizable closet is the perfect addition to our master bedroom. It is impossible to have a messy closet when you have this amazing organizer! Not only was it insanely easy to put together (like, REALLY easy, only took two hours or so from unboxing to finish), but it is so easy to rearrange whenever you'd like. I took a guess at how I'd like the components arranged and then changed my mind and we could quickly rearrange exactly to my liking. This allows the perfect space for my long dresses, tall boots, folded jeans and all of my husband's work shirts, not to mention the perfect size storage for my shoes and the drawers for undergarments and hats, scarves, etc. Without this, we would have just had all of our clothes hanging and shoes and purses in disarray on the floor. This system really allows us to maximize the use of our space. And on top of all of this, the product is extremely well-made and sleek. Although I was given this product for free, I have reviewed genuinely based on its use.
Alyse H.
Put Together In A Few Hours
I am completely in love with this closet system, it allowed me to move all of my clothes into one closet. My husband put the system together in a few hours and told me it was extremely easy, he even had our 5-year old helping him. This is what a master closet should look like, it is quality pieces and well thought out design. My daughter is wanting a system to put in her closet now. This is the system you want that will add value to your home. *I was given this product for free, but reviewed it genuinely based on its use.*
Shiloh M.
It Transformed Our Master Closet
These 6-foot, 8-foot and 10-foot Closets By Liberty systems transformed our master closet! We have a fairly large closet - and it had built-in shelving when we moved in 4 years ago. We've made do, but always felt that the use of space was very sub-par. Honestly, the thought of trying to update/upgrade things was daunting. Que the amazing Closets By Liberty system! After measuring our space, we decided on this 6-foot system, one 8-foot system, and one 10-foot system. Talk about easy to install! We loved how intuitive the instructions were and the assembly was. It really IS a quick, easy install process. And the best part?!? It's a cinch to rearrange the shelves, the hanging bars, even the drawers!!! You get a top-of-the-line, quality closet organization system AND it's completely customizable. What other built-in closet system can do that? We're in LOVE. Now, we were given these products for free, but reviewed genuinely based on its use. We're already considering purchasing additional Closets By Liberty systems for our kiddo's closets!

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