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Looks Like A Custom Install
This system was fairly easy to put together, and I put it together by myself. The instructions were clear and very helpful. I followed them step by step. Once I got the main frame put together and attached it to the wall for security, installing and choosing which pieces I wanted to put where was a breeze. I had to put the drawers in the middle because my closet extends past the door frame. The drawers were easy to assemble and feel sturdy. The shelves snap/slide in; the hanging rods are easy to adjust and put wherever you'd like. I tried different arrangements before I settled on one that worked for my use, and it was really easy to change it around to maximize my space. I may even change it around seasonally depending on the length of my clothes. I've hung numerous heavy jackets on the hanging rods, and it seems to be extremely sturdy. I love the combo of the metal frame and wood shelving and drawers. The detail on the frame and drawers make it look like it was a custom install for my room. I would purchase this product for other closets in my home. *I was given this product for free, but reviewed genuinely based on its use.*
Jennifer H.
Truly Customizable, Even After Install
So happy with my new closet! The instructions were easy to follow if you've ever put together a piece of furniture from scratch. Putting this together by myself wasn't an issue, all the pieces are light and nothing is bulky - it just snaps together and then you reinforced each piece with screws. You build it tower by tower which makes it repetitive and easy to do once you've put together the first piece. The easiest part was the shelving and the drawers. The brackets for the shelving and the drawers snap in place so easy and the drawers themselves close smoothly, quietly and with little effort. The frame is sturdy, I love how nice it looks, as nice as any custom closet I've ever seen, and it fits right into my existing closet. The best feature about this would be that you can move the drawers/shelves/rods even after you've installed them, so if I need to adjust something later I can. That's amazing! It truly is customizable no matter how long you have it. Provides so much space for both hung and folded items, helped me organize and consolidate everything in my existing closet. I'm already thinking about getting one for the guest bedroom as well. Anyone looking for a closet kit they don't have to measure, cut, and put all that labor into should look at this one! *I was given this product for free, but reviewed genuinely based on its use.*
Jason S.
Changes To Meet Your Needs
This product is fantastic. Easy for one person to assemble, and entirely customizable. We installed this system in our son's closet and it is perfect. We were able to choose where the drawers went, the height of the shelves and really make it work for us. And as our needs change, we can even go back and make adjustments. We would highly recommend it! *I was given this product for free, but reviewed genuinely based on its use.*

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