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Transformed Our Walk-In
We love this system! It completely transformed our closet!
Kelly H.
Holds More Than Expected
I must say I LOVE my new closet system. I've been using a room in our home as my closet/dressing room (It's a long story.) Nevertheless, I needed a better way to hang my clothes and store my accessories than what you see in the before picture. This closet system was the answer to my prayers.

It arrived in three clearly labeled boxes, but there were instruction manuals only in boxes B and C. You should definitely unpack everything before you start. It just makes things easier. A friend suggested I assemble the drawers first. I'm glad I did because 2 of my 3 drawers were missing the bottom panel. However, the response I received and the resolution were prompt and satisfactory. I assembled it by myself, but it took MUCH longer than I expected. The case of the missing drawer bottoms had me in a tailspin for a minute, but I got back on track. I had to take a break or two because I had the frames upside down and a couple of other mishaps. As I made progress, I felt some satisfaction with each portion that was completed (frame assembly, wall mounting, adding shelves/drawers, etc.). Moving shelves around was simple and the soft-close drawers seal the deal.

The final system looks amazing. It doesn't change the fact that my clothes in a different room than where I sleep, but it sure is pretty. Honestly, I went in there quite a few times the evening I assembled it and the next morning just to admire my work. The clean lines of the system, the all-white components, and satin nickel hardware make me smile. Also, it doesn't hurt that it's about 4ft of space, but holds so much more than I expected. There's a lot of weight on those rods, but they're holding up. It's been 2 weeks and I've not yet figured out what I want as my final configuration, so I'm seeing how the is one feels for a while before I change it up. That's the beauty of having a system like this, I can assemble the other drawer if I need to . . . or not. I dig it. I was given this product for free, but reviewed genuinely based on its use.
Dee E.
Improve Closet Function & Order
This system arrived in easy labeled boxes. I utilized the system to bring function and order to my guest room closet that had become a catch all. I found that the system was easy to assemble, install, and mount in my closet. The improvement to the space was amazing. The product is sturdy. I like that I can reconfigure the system as my needs change. I was given this product for free but reviewed genuinely based on its use.
Virginia R.
Move From Closet To Closet
We are so impressed with this closet system. It is made of aluminum which makes it very lightweight and extremely sturdy. The installation said it would take an afternoon to install it, but my husband completed it in less than 2 hours while constantly saying he was so impressed with the material and ease of the installation. The system came in three separate boxes and was packaged extremely well keeping all the pieces separate to prevent any damage. This made it extremely easy when installing. We really love the adjustable feet and the fact that you can move the hanging rods and shelves anywhere within the system. The rods are very sturdy, and we are so happy that our system came with three. We wanted this system for my stepson who moved back in with us after college. To give him his own space we converted our basement into another bedroom, but it didn't have a closet. This system is perfect because it can stand on its own or go in a closet. We love that because we can move it upstairs into another bedroom or my stepson can take it with him. I was given this product for free but reviewed genuinely based on its use. I highly recommend this product and we plan to purchase additional systems to add to this one.

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